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Outback Pouchee Purse Organizers

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Total price (without tax): $27.40

The outback pouchee purse organizer: made of high quality faux leather, this compact purse organizer makes keeping essentials in one place easy and transferring between bags has never been more simple!

Dimensions: Width: 7.5" x Height:5.25" x Depth: 3.5"


  • Credit card pockets on the outside of the purse organizer for easy access
  • This purse organizer fits nicely into most purses!
  • Inside dividers keep everything organized
  • No Wrapping - No Assembly - No Hassle Purse Organizer
  • The Ultimate Purse Organizer!
  • Purse organizer expands to hold many items!
  • Inside Zippered pockets for change or personal items
  • Handy Rings for ease of changing purses and bags
  • Outside pockets for pens, sunglasses, mobile phone, etc.
  • Inside pockets for lipsticks or small flashlights, credit cards, keys
  • Light-colored liner to easily see organizer contents


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